A freelance writing career can be a great way to turn your passion for words into an attractive business. But first you must know where to search and how to manage your time effectively.

One way to locate freelance writing jobs is by networking with other authors and editors. These relationships can open doors to a steady supply of clients.

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Project-based writing

Project-based writing is a popular educational strategy that involves students in the act of writing. It encourages critical thinking, motivates reluctant learners, and boosts students’ self-assurance in their writing abilities.

Project-based learning in the classroom utilizes a multi-step process to engage students in research and writing tasks that are enjoyable, exciting, and effective. Examples of project-based writing ideas include having them craft an article about their favorite local event, writing a letter to their local newspaper, or designing and delivering holiday cards to wounded soldiers serving in the military.

Project-based writing differs from traditional essay projects in that it requires students to work in teams to solve problems. Teachers can use this type of assignment as an opportunity to encourage group discussions and peer review among their students.

You can find project-based writing jobs on many websites. Journalism Jobs is one of the best, offering thousands of writing opportunities within media companies.

Sonia Weiser’s bi-weekly newsletter is another useful resource, compiling the most intriguing and pertinent writing opportunities from around the internet. It also offers invaluable information about freelance writing business practices.

Finally, you can find plenty of project-based writing opportunities by joining a freelance job board like Copify. As a member, you’ll have access to thousands of writing projects tailored towards your skillset and qualifications.

The great thing about these assignments is that you can take them on when you have time and the funds. If you’re trying to build a portfolio, this is an ideal way to experiment with different genres and styles without breaking your budget.

It’s essential to remember that not all freelance writing jobs are created equal. The most successful writers possess expertise and the capacity to produce high-quality results. To maximize your chances for success, identify your strengths and weaknesses so you can identify clients who will gain from what you offer.

Pitch-based writing

Pitching is an essential skill in getting freelance writing jobs. But how do you craft an effective pitch and avoid costly missteps?

A successful pitch should showcase your expertise, be specific about the approach you plan on taking and show that you’re an ideal fit for the publication. Furthermore, successful pitches demonstrate flexibility and ease of working with, as well as demonstrate that you aren’t afraid to adjust ideas according to client demands.

It is essential to remember that editors are busy people and it’s normal for them to take some time to respond to your pitch. If it has been some time since you last heard back from an editor, it may be worth following up to confirm whether or not they have accepted your piece.

Pitchwiz is another great website to utilize when looking for freelance opportunities; here, editors receive pitches directly from authors around the world. These sites offer paid work from around the world, making them a great way to expand your portfolio and start earning more money as a freelance writer.

Before sending your pitch, do some research on the publication you’re targeting. This will give you insight into their type of articles they publish and enable you to tailor your pitch according to their style.

If you’re pitching to a food publication, make sure your article covers more than just cooking; it should encompass the whole experience of eating as well. Another tip is including photos or two – they can really help make your pitch stand out from others.

Finally, aim to make your pitch as personal as possible. This could be as straightforward as including your name and email address in the subject line, or you could take things further by including an introduction letter that includes some information about yourself.

Once you’ve built a network of contacts, it’s time to send out your pitch more frequently. However, be mindful not to get too carried away with this. As a general guideline, aim for one or two emails per week in order to build trust and rapport with potential clients. Once these relationships have blossomed, ask to meet in person to discuss future projects more in-depth.

Contract-based writing

Contract-based writing jobs necessitate you to sign a written agreement outlining the specifics of the work you will be performing. These contracts are essential because they safeguard you against unpaid bills and guarantee payment for your efforts.

If you are new to freelance writing, you may not realize there are some clients out there who will micromanage or fail to pay on time. These types of clients should be avoided at all costs; thus, ensure you have a contract in place before agreeing to take on any project with them.

One of the most prevalent contracts is per-project pricing, where clients pay you only for the work they require rather than a flat rate. This makes managing finances much simpler and allows you to set an achievable budget without worrying about overspending due to project length or amount.

Another option is a standard freelance contract that covers various projects. Examples of such agreements include writing for television and movies, advertising copywriting, podcast scripts, and sales enablement content.

You might also find contract writing gigs on online job boards, in your personal network and agencies. In some freelance marketplaces you are even able to filter out writing jobs based on expertise.

Popular freelance writing platforms, such as Upwork and oDesk, offer competitive rates to writers living in areas with lower cost of living. This allows employers to access high-quality writing at an economical price point while you earn a healthy salary.

Some clients request specific types of content or topics, so be sure to specify in your contract what type of work you will produce and how often. It is also wise to include the turnaround time for each piece so that you know how long it will take to finish them.

Before beginning a project, some clients may request certain outlines. It’s wise to have an established template you can use on all jobs so you save time and your clients know exactly what to expect from you.


Networking opportunities for freelance writers are an invaluable way to make new contacts and expand your business. While many freelancers conduct their networking through email or social media, it’s often more effective to actually meet people face-to-face.

One way to find potential clients for your freelance writing is by attending professional events and meetups in your area. Chamber of commerce or visitor’s bureau events can also be beneficial in this regard.

Additionally, many of these organizations have special interest groups like insurance agents, real estate brokers, attorneys and solopreneurs. These gatherings can be an excellent resource to connect with local businesses that hire freelancers for projects like annual reports or visitor guides.

Another effective networking opportunity is to search local job boards that specialize in freelance work. Doing this will save you time from searching through full-time positions and unqualified pitches that don’t match your skillset and experience.

One popular job board among freelance writers is Journalism Jobs, boasting close to 3 million page views each month. As the leading source of news and journalism jobs online, Journalism Jobs may be worth exploring if you’re searching for an editorial-based freelance job.

Copify is an excellent online job board that allows writers to search for freelance writing opportunities without the hassle of submitting proposals or bids. Unfortunately, membership is required in order to view all listings.

When searching for freelance writing jobs on websites, it’s wise to utilize specific criteria so that the opportunities you find match your qualifications. For instance, if you want to work with companies offering SEO (search engine optimization) services, search for keywords like “SEO writer,” “SEO marketing,” or “SEO content” and take note of any job postings that come up.

UJober, a popular website for freelancer writers and media professionals, boasts an expansive library of freelance jobs as well as career development resources. It’s an ideal starting point for new freelancers.